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greeceVery close to Milos lies Kimolos, the hilliest island in the Cyclades and one whose predominant colour is as white and blinding as the chalk it produces. The necropolis found it produces. The necropolis found at Elinika, in the south-west of the island, and the remnants of the ancient city of Kimolos on the islet of Agios Andreas (facing Elinika) are testimony to habitation as far back as the Mycenean period. Much later, in the Middle Ages, pirates used the well-concealed caves of Kimolos as places of refuge. In general terms, the island's history has been that of Milos.

greece From the quiet harbour of Psathi a road leads uphill to the capital of Kimolos or Hora, where almost all the islanders live. The houses of Hora, in the authentic Cycladic style, are clustered around the nucleus of the castle, which is itself divided into two settlements, Messa Kastro (Inner Castle) and Exo Kastro (Outer Castle). In the former, the outer walls of the houses form a defensive wall with loopholes for windows and four entrance gates. The overall impression is of a painting in white against a blue background. Flowers are grown in all the courtyards, and the alleyways are cobbled.

Prassa in the North of the island is where the chalk is mined. There are also medicinal springs with sulfurous waters. The little tavernas in Hora can provide a basic range of flood, and there are some rooms to rent. Apart from the beaches at Psathi and Prassa, there is a good swimming at Aliki, Limni, Bonatsa, Klima and Monastriria.

In general, Kimolos is a little off the tourist track. Yet it has superb beaches and would be an ideal spot for those who are fond of quiet and solitude in an idyllic setting.

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