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Welcome to Greece Charters and Greece Yacht Charters. We offer fully crewed charter yachts in the Greek Islands just for your group on power yachts, catamarans charters and sailing yacht charters. Greece charters are among the best yacht vacations in the world. We are here to help you consider all your options and make the right decision about your Greece yacht charter; only then will you come back year after year for what is truly the ultimate holiday.

The greek yachts charters featured are some of the industries top quality vessels carefully selected by our charter brokers and agents worldwide. A carefully chosen team of people will accompany you on your voyage. Each crew member has been cherry-picked through a rigorous selection process for their specialist skills, unrivaled experience and absolute discretion.

Chartering In Greece

Greece, the cradle of civilization, Western philosophy and democracy!. The home of ancient Gods, mythology and a vast cultural heritage, where each and every stone has its own history dating back to 5,000 BC

Greece Charters - The cyclades are a group of islands of varying sizes scattered over the deep blue waters of the Aegean. Some of them are well-known both to the public at large and the international 'jet-set', while others remain little known and scarcely figure on the tourist scene. Taken as a whole, they make an ideal sailing holiday destination for visitors of the most varied tastes. more on Cyclades Islands

Greece Charters - The Ionion Islands
Near perfect weather and ideal wind conditions make the Ionian Sea a privileged sailing area. The so called "Green Islands" produce an abundance of vegetation, you will not find in the Aegean. Sailors who want more than just to "tick off" the Islands, will discover from Corfu to Zakynthos plenty of lively, interesting ports, fabulous bays for swimming, and unspoiled sandy beaches framed by olive groves and bizarre rocks. more on Ionion Islands

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Impress your family, friends or associates with a Greece charter cruise around the famous Greek islands to escape from your business routine. Enjoy a vacation at a fashionable or quiet Greek island and step into ancient history and mythology. Every island and village you visit on your Greece charter has its own strong local character. The distances between the islands are short, thus allowing you to visit as many ancient monuments, legendary sites, museums and towns.

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What better way to relax and enjoy the beauty of Greece than to arrive aboard a private luxury charter yacht. Once you sink your toes into the beautiful warm white sandy beaches, you'll want to explore the culture and discover paradise of this ancient civilization..
Greece is a land of history, mythology & natural beauty. Photo Gallery