Greek Charters: Andros

Andros, the most northerly island in the Cyclades and the second-largest in the group, is also among the most beautiful. Successive ranges of mountains with steep sides, separated by gorges, riverbeds and three large valleys planted with olive trees, figs, oranges, lemons and vines through which run numerous streams go to make this a landscape which often goes beyond what we think of as typically 'Cycladic'. The mountains end as rocky cliffs or steep promontories, while at the mouths of the valleys are sandy beaches.

In the south-east is Andros or Hora, the capital of the island and its second most important harbor. This is a most attractive town, with neo-classical mansions side-by side with Cycladic houses, steep and narrow alleys lined with arcades, fine churches and two pretty squares in the center of a town which will make a lasting impression.

Among the most important monuments of Hora are the castle, now ruined, and the church of Our Lady 'Palatiani' within its walls. On the cultural side, there is an Archaeological Museum with finds from the Geometric, Classical, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods, a Museum of Modern Art with works by the sculptor Michalis Tombros, and a Nautical Museum with a rich collection of ship models, photographs and ship's instruments.

Andros is home to many of Greece's seamen, and interesting cultural events take place there all the year round.

There are good swimming beaches at Nimborio, Parporti, Korthi bay near Batsi, Gavrio, Vitali and elsewhere.


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Andros has good tourist amenities and can easily deal with the steadily increasing numbers of visitors who choose if for its natural beauties, its attractive villages, its historical monuments, its superb beaches and its medicinal springs. Contact us for more information on booking charters in this area or any surrounding areas. We specialize in private crewed yacht charter vacations worldwide.